The strategic location of TATRAGOLF MOUNTAIN RESORT - wright in the center of the most visited tourist destinations in Slovakia - offers many opportunities for tourism. Beginners, together with the most demanding tourists, can easily choose from a number of attractions or interesting places.

We will be happy to serve as a base camp for your hikes and trips, your place for rest and regeneration.


High Tatras (7 km)

The largest, highest and most beautiful. Such are the High Tatras - the biggest jewel of Slovakia. Tourism in the High Tatras thrives and if you have enough time and energy, you can spend here an unlimited amount of time  and constantly discover something new..


You can also enjoy the view of the High Tatras from our selected rooms, balconies and terraces, just book an apartment with a mountain view.

Slovak Paradise (28 km)

Discover the beauties of the Slovak Paradise - one of the most beautiful areas of Slovakia.

This unique piece of nature got its name due to its rare natural values and beauties. It consists of preserved karst plains, deeply cut river canyons, gorges with magical waterfalls, an extensive underground world of caves and abysses, with richly represented fauna and flora.

Pieniny (45 km)

Pieniny National Park has a truly fascinating nature which is quite different from the Tatras. You can experience dozens of natural and cultural wonders just in one day trip.

Pieniny is perfect for hiking. A number of marked hiking trails from the Pieniny rock cliffs to the green fields of the Ľubovňa Highlands are an ideal place for easy or semi-demanding hikes.

Take the opportunity to sail on the legendary rafts on the Dunajec.


Discover the beauty of Slovak caves and the surrounding nature. An excellent tip for a trip in case of bad weather.

Belianska jaskyňa – 17 km
Važecká jaskyňa – 37 km 
Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa  – 40 km